Apply false lashes in Westwood NJ – MuahMakeup


Enjoy beautiful lashes without the use
of any harsh chemicals!
Synthetic Lashes $10
Muah’s Synthetic Full strip lash is your
basic false lash with a flexible band.
Reusable: 1 time.

3D Synthetic Lashes $15
Muah’s 3D Synthetic Lashes are light,
fluffy lashes, that give the illusion of real
lashes on a lightweight band.
Reusable: 5 times.

Mink Lashes $25
Muah’s Mink Lash are hand crafted with
high quality hairs providing a rich,
glamorous look.
Reusable: 20 times.

Individual Lashes $35 / $45
Piece by piece your Muah Artist will
customize a full set of lashes on your
eyes. With proper care they last
4-7 days.
Individual Lash Removal $10
Still have your individuals on?Let us remove them for you!
Reuse Your Lash $8
Love your Muah Lashes? Bring them back and we’ll reapply them
for you for a 1/3 of the price!